Helping cancer patients since 2007

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Artbreakers was founded in 2006 by two cancer survivors who saw the need to help those who were facing one of the most emotionally and financially difficult times of their lives. We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works with local artists to serve cancer patients in and around St. Johns County, FL.   
A diagnosis of cancer is never easy, and it can be even more stressful when you’re struggling to pay for costly treatments and medications. At Artbreakers, our mission is to make sure that every cancer patient has what they need to get through cancer. There are many frightening moments in this particular process, though none are worse than being told that your insurance won’t cover the additional test, or won’t cover the cost of needed chemotherapy once diagnosed. Our mantra is, “we can change the world one human being at a time.” We want to be there for the patient, both financially and emotionally.

Cancer doesn't discriminate and neither do we. 
We’re here to help make things as easy as possible during this difficult time. Sometimes the help is financial, other times we help navigate patients through the system trying to find the right agency or doctor to get the care they need. If you find yourself in need of financial help, transportation assistance or information from those who have been in your shoes, contact us, we’re here for you.


DONATE Artbreakers supports the needs of cancer patients by raising money in a variety of ways. Your donation helps meet the needs of local cancer patients from getting them to and paying for an appointment to helping with medical bills.

VOLUNTEER Artbreakers hosts several events to raise money for our organization. See how you can help by volunteering at an event. Or get really involved by helping drive a patient to the hospital because sometimes an act of kindness is needed more than money.

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